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Oh, Bollicks...

Firstist: I have a migraine. I feel like I want to puke. TMI? Get over it.
Secondist: I drove all over Central Texas because my friend Angie's boyfriend wrecked her car over the weekend. He's ok. Car, really not so much. She just got it last week. Suckage, major.
Thirdist: Weekend home was fantastic. Bestestesss wedding like ever - aka most lavish one ever. Honestly, well into 6 figure range. I mean they showed up at the reception - which was a sit down 3 course meal - in a Viper. And I don't mean like in front of the hotel - no no, INSIDE the reception/banquet hall *cha-ching!*
Fourthist: The migrane med I took at dinner... sooooo gone. Still feel need to puke. Am resisting since I need to be consious to drive to work to drop off movies, and car to Angie so she can go to work tomorrow. Ain't I just the sweetest?
Fifthist: Sad news: I can't move to England. *sadness* I have to be hired here in TX and be observed here in TX for a year to get my teachers certificate. I say again: why can't TX be part of UK? Any takers? We seperated from the Union once... look how far they got - back in! HAAHA... oww... head.
Sixthist: Still no job. Bollicks. T-minus 2 weeks - 18th is inservice which means teacher training days... 25 of Aug, is school start. Me? Oh PANICING!!
Seventhist: I just saw Miss Conception, and it made me miss Emma and Cherlynn, Laura and Owen and ... well shit all the AT3 family. :( i'm stressed, don't mind me. Oh and I have a migrane and want to sleep now... 30 more min then drive car, and and ... drive back home, and sleep......
Eightist: my cats are fired from bug duty. They think this means watch ants crawl around and swat at them... without touching or actually doing their job - killing the invaders. Pink slips will be given.
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