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09.23 - Resting.

I'm home! No subbing! Me day!!

So... I am tired, sore, legs HURT and I am fighting a cold... so far just stuffed up nose mostly. Blah. I have movies to watch, TV to watch... lots of fun goodies!

I feel semi accomplished so far - I canceled my Dish Network *sniffles and cries* So Oct. the 6 is the last day I have signal... than I have to return the equipment in 30 days. I guess I should have said that I could reach the satelite. Frak. But alas, that gives me 30 days to watch the hours of Olympics still on the DVR. YES, Olympics. I know... move on I have a small part of a life and Olympics was so much wanted to watch! so I DVR'd like.... a lot.

ATM am making a list of Tellie shows and arranging my "how to watch" schedule. *ahem* Between all that I should be good with keeping up with my tellie, except a day late - ok so nothing will change with that since I am usually a day late anyway!

Ah and when the Dish rep asked why I was canceling... I told him I was going to England. He did touch the subject of icky British food *rolls eyes* and I said I had great friends who cook. England has good food - just maybe not what we Yanks are used to! Sheesh!! I was semi impressed how easily "Going to England" came out... Of course I someday want to be able to utter that and it not be a lie. :) Alas.

OI!!! The school had somehow rearranged my phone number over the summer and that is why I haven't called at all this semester. So... last Friday I went to the Elementary and got that straight... and had my first day of subbing. Wee. Jumped in with both feet.

Monday was called in (actually was called on Sunday eve. as I was closing the store) and did 3rd Grade again. I loved my class (for once - well, they were over 1st grade love I mean) ... and at the end of the day we played Hangman, with spelling words and other stuff, and some of the kids actually shouted out what we had learned THAT MORNING (long a's, and long o's mostly... and read a cute booklet aloud together) But I was blown away at some of them remembered. I'll just pat myself on the back and gloss it over as that I was a good teacher... we all can just know that they are smart kids.

Yesterday was 5th grade. OMG who let's kids grow up to be 5th graders? It was like having my 2nd grade class last year, all day in the form of 3 classes. Class #4 was ok until the end when the boys wanted to fight. *slam head down* maybe i should have sent him to the principal's office with 30 min to go before school ended, but the hall seemed the better of the two. Whatever. All the teachers said yesterday was off, every student was just ... kindergarden like!! Ok, a few good kids, and bless them, they appologized for their classmates, but still. I was in "social studies" but was helping prepare them for the Prime Number Quiz today. I have the bloddy prime numbers somewhere in my head now... wee! I just hope THEY do. We played prime number BINGO, and than we did BINGO where I called the numbers backwards, having them raise their hand (HA!) if they could guess the sequence and finish it. The last class I did it backwards and skipped one number, only to do those numbers on the way back - it was more of "black out BINGO" that way. I had fun. When I wasn't telling the kids to calm down, or when the Ass. Principal was in the classroom.

I forget that "I'll send you to Mr. Wood (Ass. Principal)" strikes fear into the kids. As I wrote Ani, I guess I never went to the principal's office, so I don't know (or remember from other kids) what it's like... but Mr. Wood is a very nice man (ok maybe to us Teachers) but can do the mean!face so well! It quiets the kids down... i guess everyone has one of those faces.

I didn't catch him as I left yesterday to decompress before going to the movie store to work, but he said he'd have something for me Thursday (he said this on Monday before he looked at the requests) so I will enjoy my one day off (school AND movie store)... I'm off to finish making my tellie list and do a test in my module. I need it done!! at least today I can spend the 14 hours I am sure this next one will take. *siiiiigh* AND I have the apocalypse_kree I have to continue cause posting is already up. And I have .... 3/4 of one page written. This is take (litterally) 50 or more doing this fic. So sad. I am not giving up... I just need to slam the muse into a wall and nail her down cause I like this start. I am writer, hear me GRRRR!

Anyhow. Lovely day - officially FALL!!!!!!!!!! am looking foward to the cooler weather. *huggles flist* Take care now, ya hear?

Edited to add: Next Saturday I am selling my jewelry at the Movie Gallery Sidewalk sale! YES!! So, all of you in town... come by and look at my pretties (and pick up a few new titles too!)
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