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Christine (aka) Pineapple >^..^<

One Year... wow.

So discovered this post - from last year dedicated to the day I was laid off/told I no longer had a job/was crushed as a writer/was lifted up by awesome friends/realized I could move on.

So one year later:
* I am no longer a professional Journalist. I'm wee sad about this. I enjoyed running around and acting like someone who knew what was going on (and generally had a good grasp on that) I loved the pressure (sometimes) and the creative flow that sprang up every week to fill 8-10 pages of paper. Now I am good if I can be in the same room as my muse and get things done. Like the frakin apocalypse_kree fic I should have finished waaaaay long ago, but am only not even on one page.

* I have survived the path of unemployment. Even so I am mad they cut me off short and THAN told me I could continue to reclaim, AFTER they had cut me off. Whatever. It helped tons while I had it.

* I learned I can tolerate screaming, over reacting, out of control kids. And I can teach them. And they remember what I teach them. WOW.

* I have embarked on a second career. Which is odd coming from an almost 28 year old. Since one would expect a second career to come to light around... later in life. It combines what I love: English/Writing and lighting someone elses eyes up with the same passion.

So. Even so this year has been very very hard on me (emotionally and esp. financially) I have been able to enjoy it. I was able to save enough to go to AT3 and England, and Germany. I even was able to get my camera (which is still not totally working, so ya. Nor did I really have all the funds for, but I love my camera!) AND live in my house. Somehow managed to max out my credit card (oops) and had to seriously look at what I could afford (food... who needs that? I am trying to loose weight anyway!) and even think about moving - either away from here or around here. It hasn't been easy, many tears have been shed, many interviews have happened, even a few job offers (too bad they couldn't pay more, I think they would have liked me) and have journeyed on and picked up a few more friends, pulled the ones I have closer and tried to breath evenly as possible through it all!

*huggles flist*
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