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It's official: I'm burning my candle on both ends.

* My voice, which had been finally coming back after a week of squeeking and horrid, has now started to fade again.
* TMI: Last night I really did manage to hack up ... something in my lungs, and it wasn't good. For a moment there I thought I'd have to move into the bathroom :(
* I now have that hacky cough every once and a while... BLAH! (I secretly like the gravel feeling. I'm weird, I know.)
* Today is the last day of SCHOOL (for this week) - sadly I have to go to work (movie place) afterwards, so I have to learn to stand within the next... 2 minutes and get dressed for school. Tomorrow I don't work... so can we say FINALLY sleeping in?
* Even so I go to bed at 10(ish)/11(ish) I don't feel like I slept any! I wake up around 12, 2, 5 (on wed I managed to sleep all the way til 7:30 - when I had to be at school. *head desk*) and am just a shell of a person til I muster a smile at the school.

So ya. I think I managed to get sick, again. Either it's the Pre-K kids of this week, or my body not fully recovered from 2 weeks ago, I feel like shit, and am sitting on my bed, looking at my pillow and wondering if I could bring it to work with me....

Anyway, off to find some blue cloths - it's BLUE week. (oh ya, and I even managed to sing "Trixie the Triangle" to a friend last night... I;m dreaming in Pre-K SHOOT ME, GET ME TO NORMAL KIDS PLEASE!!)
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