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Well Tia finally made it, after a slight hick-up in DC, where the airline over booked her flight and changed her flight to Sunday. But she apparently got a posh hotel out of it, so no complaints, other than it made the flight a bit longer.

So far it's sunny and cool, not very Fall like weather. But I am sure she is glad too since in Leipzig it was snowing! Of course I'd love for it to randomly snow, but this is Texas we are talking about. Our plans are nill atm, but Brian (my brother) seems to be offering to drive us around and him to show us Dallas... I guess I better jump on that. We are not what you call... close so I guess I should snag "close" activities when offered.

Randomly tomorrow is my birthday. Go me!

Wednesday I had thought to go to the Dallas Museum of Art and see the King Tut exibit! WHOOOOT GO EGYPT! And we figure there are TONS of other places to see geeky art that we love. West End would be next that day and eat some Texan/Americana food. YUM! And we already did the Root Beer test... verdict it's ok, but tastes like bubble gum. Oh well.

well I think we may have a plan for today... going to a mall and driving around... wee!
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