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Quick... before her brain dies!

Ah let's see... a Post-Tia update. I'm too sleepy for a proper one, let's just say I for one had a BLAST having a roomie and showing her my life! I missed her while she was in NY, so now it's the "I'm to tired, my brain is shutting off, but I really wish I had someone to talk too" phase... :( But she made it home ok! Yeah!

Um... let's see... Plumber should hopefully be coming by tomorrow (have to call them before school to remind them) because my plumbing decided it would be just frakin lovely to back up, clog, and spew crap (literally) into my kitchen sink. I did find out that my next door neighbor also has the same problem but from her snarky friends I am still unclear if she was going to do anything about it. If her solution was to "call the landlord" I would still be in my sewer rat phase for longer. I had hoped the plumbers could have gotten out on Wednesday before Tia and I had left for our adventure to Austin, but alas... whatever. I want the stench out more than anything.

Speaking of adventure in Austin.... we crashed (softly) at Diane's house! Such a cute home and sweet kitties (that we could see when they were not in the "oh shit, company! stelth mode!!") and we *were* going to go places... but come Thursday - really LOVELY weather too... wow! - we ate breakfast and decided to make it a movie day... so finally saw "A Dog's Breakfast" and "Wall-E" and than both Stargate movies (since Tia - sin against all sins - hadn't seen either! ... ok she did have final college exams, I'll give her that!) and I think I will try to reconstruct our watching... since we did seem to do more pause and thinky and talky about the movies than anything... But it was great to watch the movies with other fans!! We finally see why "Stargate Sunday" is so fun for Lockets and Starbuck and Co!!

Um... Finished CSI:NY OMG!!!!! And last week's CSI. Wached 2 weeks worth of Sanctuary (fell behind...) and OMG!! I am so glad it was renewed! Dad is thinking about watching it from the beginning, so that will be nice to chat about that with him. He's the other sci-fi geek in the household. As Henry says... "Women and Geeks first. Oh wait, that's all of us." *loves line to death* and was perhaps the most quoted line during Austin!

Last week of school for Fall Semester - YEAH and OMGNOOOOO!!!! still no permanent places I have found... so it's more steady subbing I see in the Spring. Thank goodness for a steady job and experiance, but I want my own kids! *pouts* the classroom kind, not the other kind... you keep your kid, I'll go home to an empty house and 2 kitties, and I am happy.

Ok, bed for me. and remember to call the plumber. yuck. maybe the water will drain and I can take a quick shower in the morning... thank goodness it's not backing up upstairs too!
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