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Christmas cards: I am a LAZY LAZY person... and have most of the cards done, postage on them (domesic wise) and need to grab a coat and walk my happy ass across the street to post the rest. I have an hour before the post closes... I will do that as soon as I post this? *we shall see...* Thank you to those who send me one... I have them in a pile somewhere around the piles of wrappings I have at the moment.

Tia's Stay: I have deflated the air mattress. Wow I have a lot of room! Currently set up my pillows by the window for a "reading spot" - we shall see how long that lasts.

Shopping: Spent a day with Angie and the kids (not hers, not mine, just friend's kids) and had a blast. Bought the last of the presents... sorta. am putting (or thinking up) the packages to be sent ... after Christmas. Gah!~ BUT, who doesn't like packages anytime of the year? Huh? Ya that's what I thought...

Me: Am coughing up something, not fun. But not really "sick" either... not having to work during the day is ... odd. I am so used to being up and doing something I find myself re-organizing the gifts. sheesh. However, am hacking away at Numbers Season 2, so am not totally staring out at space...

Ok on to getting my sweater and shoes and walk over to the post office, enough stalling! You all deserve a word from me! (in your own hands)
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