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Too Much; Not Enough - Prompts 33, 34

Title: Overload
Pair: Sam Carter/Daniel Jackson
Prompt: 33. Too Much
Spoilers: Avalon, Pt. 1
Words: 368
Written for the stargatefic100 community
Summery: Sam is getting ready to go to Area 51, and struggles to have time to do everything.

Sam closed the door and eyed the stacks of papers that had seemingly magically appeared while she had made a trip to the commissary. Her stomach growled and Sam shook her head. Two chicken wings and a heap of mashed potatoes and it was still growling? She’d gone days off world with only a granola bar and raisins.

Rearranging the stacks of manila folders into urgent and could wait an extra five minutes, or a whole day if it accidentally got on the bottom of the wrong pile, she didn’t hear the light knocking on the door. It wasn’t until she turned to move one pile to the floor she even was aware she wasn’t alone.


A sheepish grin was her answer. “I should have known you would be lost in thought.”

“Sorry, I have all this to do and only a little bit of time.”

Daniel nodded, thoughtfully eyeing the neatly stacked folders. “Early spring cleaning or rushed reports?”

“Which will clear this place out faster?” she asked, looking around her again. “I just have so much before I leave for Area 51. “

“So I see.” Daniel paused and gently stopped her hand as it went toward a box full of gadgets. “How about a breather?”

“I had lunch.”

Daniel chuckled and shook his head. “No, a breather. This is too much to tackle at once, and I am sure there are a few people who can do some of this for you, or at the very least decide if it’s worth the last few days you are here.”

“My work is important, Daniel,” she protested.

“So it is, but your sanity is more important to me.”

Sam took in the surroundings once more, and bit her lip. Of course this didn’t need her attention at the very moment, and she could really use a good excuse to leave the SGC for a little while. But... Sam shook her head and smiled at Daniel.

“Let’s go before my brain decides to convince me I can do all this in one night.”

Daniel grinned and pulled at her, hurriedly leading the way to the elevators. “I know this awesome trail to hike through the mountains...”

Title: Reach for the Air
Pair: Sam Carter/Daniel Jackson
Prompt: 34. Not Enough
Spoilers: Morpheus
Words: 248
Written for the stargatefic100 community
Summery: Daniel struggles to got to Sam...

Hold on.

It didn’t convey the urgency that Daniel felt as he slumped over the table. He willed his hand out another millimeter, stretching to close the gap between their fingers. Heavy lids and arms, mind, body, soul... every fiber of his being, made it impossible to know if he was brushing up against her fingertips, or if it was his wishful thinking that made it so.

I’m still here!

His brain screamed for him to stay awake, to crack his eyes open and stare at her, make sure she was ok, make sure… he wasn’t sure what he wanted to make sure of. They were trapped on a planet intent on killing them in their sleep and he couldn’t even make his tongue work to discuss plans of survival. Survival. It seemed like a lost cause.


The pills they had taken to stay awake had long stopped working. Sleep sung to him as the last few drops of consciousness pushed Daniel off his chair and crawl toward where Sam had fallen asleep sooner than he had. His cracked lips only choked her name out as he felt so heavy, so tired, and so sluggish, he could welcome the sleep of the dead at any moment. But he nodded, and sighed, jerked, pushed, summoned all the energy that was quickly draining away to inch him closer, closer, closer... but even as he reached for her to fall beside her, it wasn’t enough.

At least we are together...
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