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A Simple Dream

Ok it has been a loooong time since something has just begged to be written... that and since I actually wrote anything that was not in the newspaper/work related. So I give you a fic that popped up while I was writing a completely un-related article...

A Simple Dream
Author: Christine/Chris4short
Season: Future Fic
Category: Ship, Future Fic
Spoilers: None
Pair: Sam/Daniel
Summery: Sam's dream is simple, and Daniel makes them all come true.
Shout out/Other: Thanks to jessm78 for the quick beta! And yes, they may take our SG away, but we live on with fics!!
Warnings: None
Rating: G
Disclaimer: Stargate SG-1 and its characters do not belong to me; they are the property of MGM/Showtime/The SciFi Channel/Sony Pictures, Double Secret Productions and Gekko Film Corporation. This story is written solely for entertainment purposes and is not intended for commercial profit. This story is copyrighted September, 2006 and may not be used or altered without the express permission of the author.

Sam glanced in the rearview mirror and smiled. Blond tuffs of hair was mingling with the dark brown, only slightly tinged with age, as Sam steered the car home. It was not long ago when she would have laughed at the thought or mention that she would be so happy.

"Hey boys, we are home," Sam said, turning around in her seat. They still slept on, only a slight stirring making her aware that at least one of them heard her. "Come on sleepy heads, wake up."

It was the same breathlessness she experienced every morning when he wearily opened his eyes. Clear, steady blue orbs, searched for her as he came awake. She knew it was ridiculous to be so breathless when he looked at her, but the way they held every emotion in his blue eyes, justified it all.

Passion, love, curiosity, knowledge. It all passed behind his eyes. "We there yet?" He asked and stretched, twisting his body away from his son's, not daring to wake him just yet.

"It was a nice drive," Sam replied. "Jack only called three times."

"Only three?" Daniel asked, arching his eyebrow. "He is slipping. Maybe we should call him to tell him we are home only three times."

"He's probably asleep, trying to get his energy back. You know he has a long speech he has to make tomorrow and then a flight back to DC," Sam said, picking up candy wrappers and stuffing them into a trash bag. "Let's go inside, I don't want to spend the rest of our weekend sitting in the car."

Daniel gave a soft laugh and un-buckled himself and his son's car seat. Gently he lifted him and carried him up the stairs. Sam stood for a moment at the car and gazed at the pair. They were truly father and son. Daniel had given their son the most inquisitive mind a two year old could possess. The blue eyes were more like his then her own. Two things she could see as her contribution: their son's name, Jacob Langford and his blonde hair.

"Is mommy coming or is she going to stare at us all day?" Daniel called out, breaking the slight spell that had settled on Sam.

"I'm coming," she said softly. Opening the door she went into the kitchen to empty the wrappers. She was opening the refrigerator to gather something to eat when she felt his hand rest on top of hers.

"You hungry?"

"No, but I figured you would be," she said, looking at him over the fridge door.

"Nope. Just want to relax some more."

"I can handle that." Closing the door, she intertwined her fingers with his. Daniel led them to the love seat and sat down, pulling her close. Grabbing the blanket that was on the back of the couch, he draped it over her body, kissing the top of her head.

"Dream with me," he muttered into her hair. Sam looked up and caught the blue eyes staring back at her. A smile graced her lips as she kissed his cheek. It was a game they liked to play on lazy afternoons.

"I dream of an amazing man to take me away from my reality and love me forever," she said, kissing him.

"I dream of the most beautiful women who would think I am worthy of her love and attention," he responded, kissing her back.

"I dream of us, just like this, not having to worry about another invasion, not having to get up to do anything," she said, stifling a yawn. "Just enjoying the fact that we dreaming together."

"Close your eyes, sweetie. You will not have to worry about it ever ending. I love your dreams, they always have the best endings."

Sam smiled and closed her eyes, letting the warmth of his arms cradle her. Sudden exhaustion swept over her as she drifted, knowing safety was only a touch away. It was not long ago she would have laughed at the thought of being so happy, but then again she did not know that all she had to do was confess a dream and it would come true. If she had known how easy it was, she would have done it a long, long time ago.

Sam's dream was simply to be with Daniel, in any and every way, spending the days and nights, on and off world, through the laughter and tears, in his arms, in his bed, and in his love.
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