Christine (aka) Pineapple >^..^< (chris4short) wrote,
Christine (aka) Pineapple >^..^<

Stop the MADNESS!!

Ok a quick update, cause I know you all could just care less.

I am at work. After 5 and with a pile (no lie people) at least 3 inches thick. Thank God I work at a weekly - not a daily paper!!

I have spent all week working on the Youth Fair for next week - a big 8 page or more affair that seems to never end. Then we have had the usual trickle of people coming in to hand articles or pics or announcements into us all week. It usually is slow on that front until Thursday or so. Well that would be fine - and would have kept me busy for a bit but not forever - but then we had a ribbon cutting, a fire 2 nights ago, felony warrents/arrests made... tomorrow I have another ribbon cutting. This week has been pure madness!

And so myself and the bookkeeper are here - our publisher had to go to a football game to take pics (damn football season... more work for us small papers!!!) so now I am trying to tackle this mini avalance of a pile on my desk, watching the light fade from the only window in this whole damn building - on the other end of the room to boot! - and going INSANE!!!!!!!

Now back to your regularly scheduled madness.
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