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30 more days!

Well, I could go downstairs and type this on the computer, but the likelihood of typos on here is way better, ( I corrected it from netter) and who doesn't like those?

In case you are wondering about my subject, today is October 25 - one month before my birthday. Yes, at almost 30 I am still counting. For me it's a blessing to have another birthday to look forward too. Send walkers and canes to my house! Lol! This year the 25th is thanksgiving day, and who can say no to some cake and turkey?

School this week, ya know all one day so far, has been crazy! I ran into one of the kindergarten teachers after school and she said the same thing! The councilor said it could be the weather, the birds are all confused too. I mean common, it's in the 80s and it's almost Halloween it's coldish by this time, not summer! I hate not having seasons, another reason I love back east. So what it's cold, guys look sexy in a sweater!! *mental pause to drool over Daniel in the ascended!sweater*

Where was I? Oh right frakin weather. This weekend a bunch of is teachers are going to a really NICE French place and will be dropping about $50 for brunch. Honestly, not bad for a high end place. In two weeks mom and dad are coming down for a play here in town. We maybe small, but we have some culture and stuff to do, it's just not kid stuff since none of my kids would be interested in a play, so some of the things in town are hidden gems.

I'm starting to do jewelry again, this time I have a client who has an interesting niche and seems very enthusiastic to see what I am doing! Working on my quilt still, the other one is still up for sale on etsy. I found the fabric, so I'm going ahead with the plans for it to be a queen size light quilt. It would be perfect for the stiff breeze in the nights we have still now.

My teacher friend said she was thinking to maybe do a cheap resort or house rental instead of a cruise since the cruise has gone up. I said I'm still ready for a get away. My passport is needing to be renewed so have to get that squared away soon, no fleeing to not here places if I don't have that!!

Saving for my car is going well, and I should be paying off my charge card in 3 months! It's so great to know I am almost debt free!! This rental house has had me paying for a while. The tub still leaks sometimes, and the windows are drafty, but it's home. I wish I was in the other place, god knows I tried, but being that moving wasn't in His will, I'm happy.

I'm starting to update my resume - or build one some half of my personnel files are no longer on my computer - and can't wait to start looking for positions come January. Maybe I only have 8 more months living here! If I do end up staying, aka can't find another teaching job, I don't think I'll try to move. I wanted the bigger space when I thought I had people living and visiting me, but now it's back to the dead quiet so why bother?

Any who, I'm finally tired and think I can sleep. Teaching subject complements in the morn, no, not compliments, grammar complements. Not as fun for the lost kids, so easy once you know the secret!!

Night all, hope your weather is correct and you are doing well.

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