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One more week...

Classes will end in 6 1/2 days! I can't wait to spend 5 days at home and celebrating two awesome things: Thanksgiving and my birthday!

Yesterday I went with the Agriculture teacher, along with her neighbor, her sister, and her granddaughter - so like there was 6 of us - to a winery - Messina Hof - and for 2 hours drank and ate. I have come to the conclusion that the reason I never liked beer or wine (well more wine then beer) is because I never found the kind that was perfect for my palate. MMMM.... I have found one and it's amazing. It's bad too since after the 2 hours we walked around the lake, and then went into the building they sold the wine at - the other event was to debut the new wines for the year - and consumed 2 boxes of chocolate while drinking port. OMG.... you haven't tasted chocolate until you have taken a bit of port to chase it down. It makes the chocolate EXPLODE in your mouth.. and you know for a chocoholic, who hasn't had a piece of chocolate in like... a month... it's .... mmmmmmmm..... who needs sex when there is port and chocolate?

See? Celibacy is so achievable for life when there is chocolate and a bit of wine.

Needless to say, I bought the good wine and some Roasted Garlic Cabernet BBQ Sauce for my brother, managed to also get the rest of the box of hand dipped chocolates. Got a nice Almond Sparkling Wine for Christmas/New Years. I figure I can open the Glory and the Un-Oaked wines for Thanksgiving and birthday. Heehee. It's a good thing I don't have a wine opener. That and I am not a gourmet cook - gosh eating pasta, cheese, tiny sandwiches, fruit, sausage, and lots of bread to help soak the wine up, was enough to last me all day.

We went to the mall and bought some candles, so the house has some sweet/leatherly smell to it. YUM! Went back to her farm and just hung out - I even got farm fresh eggs - a bakers dozen! They were good this morning for egg salad! It was great to hang out and see a bit of a different part of Bryan/College Station, drink, eat, and laugh. That is living life to the fullest!!

I'm trying to decide if I want to get my new car now - in a month or two - or wait like I planned. My car isn't falling apart, and I don't think it will quit on me, but I am just really ready for my new toy! Maybe it's the whole turning 30 and me craving some stability. Heck I was even thinking about buying a house, but not here in Marlin. I don't see myself here for 5 more years. Even so leaving all the people I work with would be hard, I don't want to be "stuck" here. I still want to teach over seas, I want to move and teach other places. Financially I am able to afford the car now, it's just a matter of saving and having more of a down payment. The AG teacher has a friend in Waco who sells cars - and I have an "appointment" to see him tomorrow after school. I am resisting the urge to go out and clean my car out. *g*

At this point it looks like I will not be doing a cruise of anything super planned this summer. I'm going to look for positions around the state, and am seriously thinking about also taking another certification. I'm also in talks with the councilor about going to an AP (Advanced Placement - or more challenging classes) conference so I could maybe also teach AP or Pre-AP English classes. Who knows...

Last weekend Mom and Dad came down with Josh (their dog) and I sent them back with my camera to be fixed. The camera place called the same day dad dropped it off to confirm a $40 charge for the part, and not even 24 hours later, called back, saying the camera was done! Dad said along with the like $40 to start the work, it was $204. NOT bad! So I should have a fully working camera waiting for me at home. I'll have to take some night time pictures - because I should have a flash now!! YEAH!!!!

There was something else I was going to add.. but my brain is rather gone - NOT because of the wine, I was totally sober 3-4 hours after we left - let's just say, going to the mall while slightly sauced is... fun! - but because I haven't been getting sleep. Been waking up at odd hours and brain just working too much. Right-o, back to catching up with a week+ of tv - I think I will displace Isis and make her my lap cat so I can stay warm.
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