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I need a sewing icon. I have baking... and travel, and writing, but my quilting is not being very representative on here... I may fix that this weekend...

So my quilting has kind of tipped into extreme over the past few months. I stumbled on this book at the library and bought it.... wait, what? bought a book at the library? I don't think that's what the scanner is for, Chris.

Yea, I am aware of this. However, to 1)get funds and 2)recycle books that are no longer (if ever) popular, the library puts them on a shelf with the honor system of you pay for them. So I found the craft section, only .50¢/book mind you, and stumbled on this cool book with patterns for play quilts. And I put it back - I don't have kids, nor will I and so why would I use this? And then ended up getting it - I know others who have kids, or will have them, AND it was only .50¢.

And I love the book! So I figured I wasn't going to slave over a bed sized quilt, but could make elements of some of them into smaller, more kid friendly sizes, and I am almost done with my first one. I'm piecing the back together tonight, and hope to finish at least some of the binding, and take pics and put it up on my etsy, and here, to sell. :-D

I may have stumbled on a business! I looked up play or activity quilts and there isn't anything out there like what I have made. And I already have some design modifications and new designs rattling in my brain.

And on the writing front, I am still in the process of going through my first read through. Mom already finished the book (no correcting, just some plot pointers) and liked it. Thanks Mom!! :-*

School called me yesterday and I subbed today and will be back tomorrow. \O/ considering I got my second "thanks but we hired someone else" email from a school district for the other job I had applied for. Damn you!! rejection will make me... stronger.

Ok, so yes... I need to go back to watching Big Bang Theory re-runs and quilting. I think I forgot I made hot chocolate. Mmm... Kitchen Time!
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