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Update! Updates! Updated!

So I have severely neglected my LJ. TSK TSK. Which means, my friends, I have also neglected you. *shame*

So since it says the last updated was about a month ago, I figured it was time to come back.

Basically, in a nut shell, without much gloss and fuss, and not to further add to your sense of utter disappointment in not seeing my name on your friends' updates, I shall keep it simple, short, concise and not linger on with the abundant words when only a few should suffice to convey what has been going on:

Not a damn thing.

Ya... I have been subbing a lot more so that's been occupying my time. And quilting. I got a few paying projects, I pluck at as I have time. I also have sold one of my purses at school, and have several more people who are interested, so I may have to go back to making those more too. Jobs are slim in the education realm, and I don't know what to do. Money is tight, Dad is looking for a new job, Mom is continuing her drawing, and my brother is doing well, I guess.

I guess I understand why Tanis is wondering around, meowing at things - she is bored. And I guess in some way so am I. I'm doing what I have to - not even what I can - to keep myself sane.

Last weekend, I watched all the Twilight movies, on my own. I loved it, and want to do a re-watch every weekend! But it would be nice to have some other human there. The girls are great, but friends are nicer! They don't appreciate it when I sigh and point at Jacob taking off hi shirt, or when Edward is taking up half the special effects budget with his diamond sparkling skin.

Perhaps that is also why this last 8 or so pds will not melt off! I have lost 27lbs since October, and only the past month or so has it been not coming off as fast. I have taken up walking and lightly jogging, until my knees hurt. I even did some ab workout on the floor this morning. I am ecstatic that all my pants need pins in them to keep them up, or belts. I am waiting for my "final" weight to buy new pants. I guess lots will be donated to Goodwill. I do have one pair I got at Goodwill, actually, and it fits, snug at times, but fits. So that is my goal pants and pant size. As my parents say, I have a figure back. Of course I had a figure before - it was just round. :-D

Oh well. I need to pack up to get ready for subbing - I'm in Spanish. And no, I don't speak Spanish. German I could teach the basics, but not Spanish. That is why there is textbooks, and others who will be correcting the papers. Wee. Update me folks!! I give you *squishy hugs* all around the world.

Hope your day is Awesome!
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