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November... Noveling again!

Well I renewed my account to a paid one... Happy early Birthday to me!

It is also November (in case someone is living without calendars) and it is NaNo time! Once more I tried to write my story about one of my favorite people in history - Lady Jane Grey. And for the second year in a row she hated how I was starting her story, stormed out, and took my muse. So... After three re-boots, I am now happy to report that I have settled back into my wheelhouse - or what I think may be it - mysteries.

And because NaNo is 50K words, a lot of my writing seems really long and filled with a lot of unnecessary exposition. But... editing is my friend - just not during November! I don't know if I will do anything serious with the novel, as in publish it at the end (not to sell, just to have it in print form) since I really am wanting to clean up my very first NaNo - my steampunk fic.

Ah oh well... School is going well. Lovely batch of students this semester... a lot I don't want to see go when we switch. The bad thing about teaching semester long classes!! Of course my two year long ones - Newspaper and Journalism - are draining in their own right. We have produced one Newsletter so far and are working on a 8 page Newspaper (think more magazine layout)... and journalism is going agonizingly slowly at times. But if they understand I will slow it down, I'm getting a few who are just goofing off. Really I don't teach hard classes. Oi!

Ah 2 weeks ago tiah15 came to the States for a conference and stayed with my parents. I took a nice long weekend last weekend to spend it with her. It was so awesome to see her - twice in one year!! Once at her place, and then at my parents... we have plans to do skyping and then a vacation in 2015. Heck ya!!

NaNo Day 2: 7696 wds.
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