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Christine (aka) Pineapple >^..^<

12 weeks (and some change)...

WOW!! I just counted and since Jan 1, the official day of my no/low-carb lifestyle reboot, it has been 12 weeks (and a few days...) In that time I have:

- Completed my second grad class (and earned a 100 - maintaining that 4.0 GPA!!)
- Completed the first half of spring semester of teaching — in my 6th year now... still great to do a countdown!
- Started at 144(ish) and as of this morning, down to 125.4!!! Bye bye almost 20lbs!!

My goal is to go down to 119lbs... why? Well, because it's lower than 120s, and I have a bit of "flex" pounds — so If I get back to 123 - or 125 - it's easier to start there and kick myself back down to maintain.

Since I completed my course early (and was able to enjoy Spring Break last week without any books/teaching woes...) I had 4 weeks (now 3) till my next grad class starts mid April. My goal is to start my in-home strength training. I have a book that has some awesome (simple) exercises and takes about 30 min to go through (or less... it's been like over a year since I did any) and figure I can start putting it into my routine while I am not doing grad class.

I also picked up an extra teaching assignment, and has a few perks. Besides it's a few extra $$s, it also gives me a slightly different way of teaching — more tutoring/monitoring, since it's only one student. I visit her house every week for a few hours per week, delivering/picking up class assignments, helping where I can. She should be out till mid/end of April...

Tomorrow is back to school, for our last weeks before summer... So far I'm slated to teach summer school, but enrollment could change. Mid-July I will be off to Germany for 3 weeks with my Mom and Dad, my brother coming a week later. Some awesome things to look forward too. Like eating pretzels... mmmm..... pretzels. Hold on I'm having a moment.... or that yummy bag (or more) of the German Christmas cookies in my pantry.... Ya, I know where I "hid" them. But they are still there... uneaten.

As far as my quilting.. well I have the one I posted a pic of last time, done. I guess I should post another pic of it. I am also working on a hexagon pattern and it's so cute. Lots of work, and it was supposed to be a gift, but I don't think I'm letting this one go. I do have another design I will do as the gift. Too cute.

And that's about all...
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