Christine (aka) Pineapple >^..^< (chris4short) wrote,
Christine (aka) Pineapple >^..^<

London! You sexy beast - after 5 years!

Made it to London, via the bus. We left our stop at 7ish p.m., got to the English channel ferry around 6:15 a.m. Needless to say we are all really tired because the bus sight seeing tour today was right as we got into the city, so started about 11 a.m., and we didn't get finished/dropped off at the hotel until 4 p.m.! Good thing I've been here before since we.are with a German tour group, and they were not speaking along, and didn't avoid big words. I understand parts, in passing, and I was happy to take pics. I'll upload those from my phone later...

Mom and dad are done the hall, and I'm sharing a room with my aunt. I think we are both so dead tired, we will not move much - I'm looking forward to sleeping flat!!

Tomorrow, we are off to Winsor Castle and Eaton College. Never been out there and am looking forward to it. My aunt wants to see some of the museum's, and we are being dropped close to Baker Street, so i want to go geek out about Sherlock. We shall see what we actually do after the tour.

Tags: parents, travel

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