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November 20

So some of you may know the tale of November 20, 2010. Others of you may not... but here it is, my journey from my first home, homelessness, and finding my new life.

November 15 I bought my PT Cruiser - dream car! — and all that week I had had problems, so November 19, I got it towed back to the dealer, and picked it up that night. A new battery was all it needed. I was so tired from dealing with all of it, and that Friday night, I fell asleep downstairs in my chair. The little heater was on because it was very cold that night.

About 5 a.m. (or so, time distorts the time/space continuum) I woke up and I am pretty blind without my glasses/contacts, so the haziness wasn't really odd, but the smell was. I went upstairs to get my glasses, and came out of my room to see puffs of black smoke coming from between the wall and my stairs. I raced around, called 911, grabbed Isis and tossed her into the car. I called and called for my Aset, but she had already passed - the fire department found her under my bed, her usual sleeping spot.

I pulled my car into the little alley behind my house and woke my parents up, giving them a crying blow by blow of what I saw as my first apartment was in flames on the second story. Thankfully, I did not loose much of my belongings - books and stuff like that mainly and lots of collectible pictures from my Stargate cons. The biggest blow was loosing my sweet, beautiful Aset. My icon is from one of the first pictures I took of her - she was so tiny and all ears!!

That December I did adopt a new kitten - Tanis.

I relied on the group of great friends and I was housed and taken care of by so many people. And then I was able to find a new home in the country and met more awesome friends.

I miss the network was built before and after the fire, and am building my new one slowly for the past 4 years. Working kind of really hinders that kind of thing. But I am a little more cautious about things now - as to be expected. I don't lite fires in my fireplace - it's full of candles. I freak out at smoke smells - not as bad, and I have to locate it to calm myself. I second guess if I should turn on the house heater - even so I know it is fine (I hope).

November 20, 2010 was not the way I wanted to spend my last five days of being 29, and celebrating my 30s with this tale. However my mom and I were joking that maybe I need to find something better to celebrate my 40s when I get there in five years. Thanksgiving is really about us being so thankful that I was too tired to sleep in my bed that night, and things worked out how they did.
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