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Goals and Asperations: Take 2007

Ok, so I know it's not the 1st, but who says we have to make a list on the 1st of the new year? (Ok, so I was busy fighting the first fire of the new year - umm "fighting" may not really be accurate. I was there, the fire was there, oh ya and so was my camera. Yup, me taking pictures of the pretty, pretty fire... again... anyways.... - and finishing icons for various contests)

1. Continue to do well at the newspaper. Keep writing small side stories that may only interest me at the moment, but gets in the paper and hopefully pique someone elses interest.

2. Get a firm grasp on making my own stories. The paper does not live on community updates alone. There are stories out there. I need to go out, and find them.

3. Work on slightly shorter stories so I can begin to be published outside my paper.

4. Set my schedule so I have time to work on said stories, along with fan fic, my novels and all those nice books I always get for Christmas.

5. Keep calm, cool and collected even on the worst of press days. Continue to discover who I am as a writer.

6. Find out what I have to do to become a real valuable member of the VFD. Not just take pics. But if I am to just take pics, may I be a good PR person for the department.

7. Keep my finances in order - perhaps even finally get on a cash budget for most of my expenses around town. Heck, keep my life in order: GOD/church, friends/family, work/career... everything else will not matter in a few years anyway...

Ok, well there could be more to be added, but at the moment, I think that kinda covers it... :-D
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