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[FIC] Keep Looking; Cam/Vala; PG-13

Keep Looking
By: Christine/Chris4Short
Pair: Cam/Vala Pre-Romance/UST, Cam/Lam
Rating: PG-13
Summery: He shouldn't be looking... but something just couldn't pull him away.
Disclaimer: Not mine. I don't get paid to write these, I get paid to write boring news.

He closed his eyes tight and mentally shook his head. She was a co-worker for crying out loud, he should not be looking at her. But even as he opened the again, there she was, leaning up against the wall, her lean body almost molding into the wall and, yet, defiantly standing out. Her long, bare arms were folded graceful in front of her, he noted just below the bulge of her full breasts, straining against the fabric.

He closed his eyes and took two deep breaths. He couldn't think about her full breasts. Not while they were doing a quick run down of how the mission went, and not with General Landry and Dr. Lam standing in the mists of SG-1's make shift pow-wow session. Once more he opened his eyes and dropped them to the floor. But now, he groaned inwardly, his eyes were taking in the shape of her legs, loosely crossed. They slipped higher and higher, taking in the delicate curve of her thigh, and hips, and her butt. He shoved his hands deeper in to his pocket and started looking toward an exit; if his mind would just quite he would not be having such problems.

A hand on his arm startled him out of his admiration, and he turned toward the other person. Dr. Lam asked him a question once more, and he smiled; honestly there was nothing else he would rather do then curl up with her and watch a movie. He declined, saying he had a stack of work he had to do before the General knew it was still not on his desk. She smiled once more, patted his arm and told him to call later.

He watched as Dr. Lam left, swiveling his attention once more toward the wall, the women who was now sweeping long fingers through her hair, and who had seemed to be in his thoughts more and more.

Cam found himself trudging back to his office, hands deep in his pockets, deep in thought and a secret fantasy, alone. He smiled and said 'goodnight' to several of the other SG team leaders, as they headed topside or on a mission. He rounded the corner to his office and stopped.

There she was, once more a vision of flawless perfection. She was standing beside his door, looking at him as he slowly came to his senses and walked toward her. Her creamy skin contrasting to the dark fabric that seemed to be molded onto her, even so Cam was damned sure it was the same stuff Sam wore, but he would never describe it as 'molded' when on her.

"Hi," she said in her soft, airy way.

"Hi," Cam replied. "Wanna come in?" He opened the door and motioned for her to go in.

"No, I just wanted to say that um, I noticed you looking, and um, if you ever wanted to do more looking, go right ahead."

Cam stood at his office door, his left hand holding the door open, and his jaw slack. He looked around for a bit but realized that Vala Mal Doran was probably swishing down the hall, out of sight but totally not out of his mind.
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