August 29th, 2006


Oh look who joined in the fun...

Yup. that's me! I have decided to just jump in and have more places on the web for people to find me. I know you all are just... shuttering.

I'm Christine, known (not very well I think) as Chris4Short in the Stargate fanfic world and RebelWriter on forums. But you can call me Chris, or Christine. Hey you also works. However you may get others answering too, so you may just want to stick to one of the other names.

I am a staff writer for a small newspaper in a small Heart of Texas town. So I write, a lot since I am the only writer for the paper, for a living, and when I come home, I write my fan and original fictions. I know, spiffy. I'll post some stuff here, maybe some random - I take that back, a lot of random - things, maybe even a news story. But don't count on it... I have to save them for the paper.

So... Ya. That's me. Sorta.
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