August 30th, 2006


Work: The Write Way

Life. A wonderful thing. A horrible thing.

Ok sorry, I am here at work (yeah) and am staring at a list of names that I have still to type into our newspaper's special section. Why? Well besides that I am the only reporter at the newspaper, it's for another special section coming out in this weeks paper. We just got the football tab done and out last week.

Last night, I was sitting in front of the computer - wow, a novelty - and was waiting for some stuff to upload, when I reflected on the fact that about 2 months into the job and I am already just ... blah about it. Sure I am still very glad and thankful, and sometimes excited, to have a job in my field. But it's kind of just routine. Each week it's the same:

Monday: rush out last minute articles, proofread paper, PRESS DAY
Tuesday: get content web-ready, wait for newspapers to be on stands and upload web content to site, start articles for next week
Wednesday: continue to write articles
Thursday: still writing
Friday: go to courthouse and pick-up records, call the jail and get logs, repeat 5 times until they fax - usually Monday morning - continue writing

Ok so I shouldn't complain. I have only had to work one Saturday so far, and most likely will have another one this week. I work for a weekly paper so deadlines are a distance thing. I am grateful that it's not a high pressure job where deadlines are yesterday.

So I was thinking, what do I love to do? I like designing content and web stuff. I enjoy making those silly mood things. But if I am honest, I would be bored with that too within a few months. So, my dilemma, or something, is, well, not really a dilemma. It's more like, I need to find the motivation once more and rekindle the fire. And get some news worthy stuff happening in this small town.

Ok I will stop my insane... rant or what ever it turned out to be.
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