September 12th, 2006


*Insert Subject Here*

Ok so nothing ever really will go here today - or any day really - but here it is.

Tuesday, goodness, can 5p.m. come a bit sooner then in 45 minutes? I got here an hour late to work, with no excuse since I live literally 2 blocks away from work - God bless small towns! Yet for my hour extra of sleep, I don't feel any better. I hate it when that happens.

Articles for this week:
* nothing at the moment.
* I have tons of CRAP to type in, and was going to plow through some of it today, but don't cha know, it was the day when the computers did not want to play with each other. So I spent an hour trying to move a file to one computer, convert it, save it, access it from my computer, only to have to convert it again. Then update the website. And for all that, I still don't have a main pic for the page!! I'm just glad that the paper is out at least.

Other stuff:
* continue to write article about the movement. I painted a pretty spot for myself last week by mentioning on the list that I wanted to write op-ed pieces and sumbit them to area papers about the cancellation of SG and stuff. It turned into an article for a magazine. Well, I hope the mag will want it...
* work on fic. I need to get my muse dancing for something other than work. Icons are fun, but fic/writing is my first love. I need to continue on the SG100 Challenges and stop dabbling in the smut that seems to have taken over my writing. It's quite weird how suddnely things seem erotic... I don't like it.

Ok so maybe that was TMI, and maybe I have a problem. Or maybe no one is reading and I can just stop writing.