September 17th, 2006


*insert an idea*

Well a post from moonshayde got me thinking. She asked how we writers get our isnpiration. Well gee... I had to think for a moment. I don't think sometimes where an idea comes from, it's mostly how can I get it down in some form that there is someone who would actually want to read it.

I guess I have a "unique" way of interacting with my muse. Since I live on my own, have my own corner of the office all to myself, and not many people talk to me (honestly, there isn't anything wrong with me... I have had all my shots) I tend to have on going, running conversations with myself. I am comfortable enough to admit I answer my own questions.

What I have noticed I do is this: One of my characters pops into my head. I start to explore what makes this character tick - I even ask what it likes, what it doesn't... have a conversation with it. I find I am able to know what this character would do if it was real like you and I when I sit down and place them back into a story situation. Now the other side is when I am writing, it is less thinking "ok should my character turn right or go straigh?" and more... character driven. Does that make sense? More like the character will tell me if they go out of the room or stay seated.

I know it is loonie when I try to put into words what I do.... but it works for me. So I guess in a complement to moonshaye's question, how do you writers (oif anything) write? Is it a thought process or a free flow?
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