September 20th, 2006


Hump Day Musings

Goodness... My company email keeps dinging, my personal email is empty, the one person I am avoiding is on Y!IM... Life doesn't get much better.

I have been so tired lately, but really I shouldn't be surprised. Last night I went to bed at 10 or a bit after 10. Didn't read, didn't work on the computer, just got my PJ's on, and slipped off to dream land. Sadly I don't remember any dream except the one I had early this morning.

It was, interesting I want to say, well it was interesting. I was on a boat, I think I started out on land, then it became a boat - like a cruise boat not one of these little diggies... - so ya I am wondering around on the boat, find there is a lot of people. Then I am suddenly a nanny or somthing since I find myself carrying this sleeping child, who I seem to recall being very very cute, and he's not fussing, just sleeping, and I am walking around the boat... then I guess I am trying to find the cabin since we are walking down a flight of stairs, and then up a flight but they were going down further into the boat. Like I said it was a dream... then I woke up to see that it 6:15a.m. and I had to be up soon.

We have one more paper for this month... I have a few articles lined up, others with pics I need to scan in and de-color (ie make gray scale for paper). I always wait til the end of the week to do the push to get through the stuff. I don't know why. I take that back. As much as I say I hate deadlines, I know that Friday at 5p.m. is my do or do it over the weekend deadline. Monday is press day. Page building begins late Thursday. I really need to take a page this week and lay it out... start taking over some of the paper.

I told Brenda, my publisher, that I don't want her job - and really I don't - but I think the more I can do now in a small staff of 3, the better off I will be when I get to a paper with a staff of 30 or 300. The more I can deversify my skills, the more marketable I can become. So goes the thought.

I figure I will stay here in Marlin for a year or so, learning the trade as much as I can, get more clips for the portfolio, shine up my skills, and move up the ladder. Who knows, maybe someday I can get that job with the Washington Post. Or in New York somewhere. Heck I will be happy if I can get in to Dallas Morning News! But right now, I will just sit tight, working, breaking my artifically imposed deadlines, with the goal of becoming a better writer/investigator/reporter/interviewer then I was last week...

Thank God it's a weekly and not a daily - now that's stress!

(opps spoke/wrote too soon... just found out the BIG BOSS is coming tomorrow moring... my resonse? "I think all three of us will be out of the office." *sigh* I'm going to keep my desk messy because I work on it... that's what writers do... work and mess up desks! Screw neat and tiddy BIG BOSS!)