September 21st, 2006


Is Stephen King dead?

I have to post this - this got me laughing for a while. I got a call with two sisters on the line, asking me if I knew Stphen King.

"Yes, he's an author." - me

"Is he still alive?" - sister 1

"Of course he is alive. Good Morning America sung 'Happy birthday to him.'" - sister 2

"I haven't heard he died." - me

"No, girl, I heard he done died years ago." sister 1

"Well hold on, let me look." - me

Which is when I hopped off what I was looking at to go confirm that King was and is alive... after all I am reading his "On Writing" book and am really enjoying it... yadda yadda, ya the sisters, didn't care too much... they wanted to know if he's...

"Still alive!" - me

"See I told you!" sister 2

"I could have sworn I heard he died. Are you sure? Can you look up under deseased?" - sister 1

Sure... confrimed he is not dead.

I'm sure Mr. King is glad to know that.

(ps. a happy side note - in his "On Writing" book he mentions he lived in a small town called Stratford, CT. I re-read it and smiled - I lived in that town for 12 years - my hometown of sorts in a far off way! Ahhh we really are related to unrelated people!!)
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