September 25th, 2006



Well here is how my dull press day ended!!! I was packing up my stuff, and had just put my camera battery into the charger when I heard the call come over the scanner. I heard "smoke" and I don't go out if there is just smoke - common, not news. But then I heard 'neighbor said that there are flames" so I raced into my publishers office, grabbed my semi-dead battery, shoved it into the camera and then grabbed the back up camera, sprinting out the door.

As I came down Live Oak, I saw a PD car with lights come in front of the car before me... so I patiently waited for the guy infront of me to DRIVE and then whipped around the corner, following the PD car... most of the officers know who I am, so I parked and went to the Chief, he told me "well, there it is, you know what to do"... err ok.. Ya my first fire and I know what to do... must be that I am the reporter and have cameras hanging around me.

This picture was sadly not taken by me... but by one of the VF/EMS drivers. He said they would not miss him if he got hurt, but would have a cow if it was me... So sweet! So thanks to Mike I have some great pics of the back half of the house still involved. I have several others, but the camera battery died, and I don't have the cords here at home to download the other camera...

*whew!* No one was in the house when it caught on fire, no firefighters were injured, and thanks to the VFD the paid FD had the much needed man power backup.

Well that's half the front page done!!