October 4th, 2006


Just the randomness known as me...

Well... figure I would update the LJ... am in the process of doing stuff. Always stuff. You know, that undefined, always time consuming, never will be done until it's done.... stuff.

I have new neighbors - met the guy, very nice. Met his girlfriend, or as he said the day I met him, 'my girl', briefly as I went home and checked my mail. They have a baby that is going to be 8 weeks old this Saturday. Could have fooled me. Don't hear a thing. So now I don't feel bad for yelling at the TV, playing my disco/swing/big band/rock/alternative/oldies... music. I'm eclectic, what can I say?

My stories are suffering. I am not doing much with the characters I have formed... and I just stare at the page for a few minutes before collasing them and moving on to the next unfinished story. Yes, I know, writers block/lack of creative moments... but I need modivation. I think I will try to go to the Library and ask them if they would sponser a writers group... or maybe I should just take it upon myself and do it. After all my old writers group instructor err.. leader... in Dallas wrote to me and said it just takes one and another person to make a writers group. I think that is something that is lacking.

I would love to do a virtual one too if that makes it easier... just something different.

I got to talk to my good friend from college finally! She lives an hour away and has a crazy life right now. As she says she's the taxi for her two younger siblings. I just hope all goes well for her and that she can find some HER time. It's always been very hard for her to relax and I want nothing more then her to find some peace just for herself.

Well, I guess I will shut up... just thought I would splatter the page with more of my thoughts... Scarry I know.
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