October 16th, 2006


My Roommate

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Here is my new roommate - Isis! She has been at my house for only 2 days (if that) and was a stray before that. We are going to go to the vet's tomorrow to make sure she is good to go, and then we will keep enjoying learning about each other.

She is a kitten, that's all I know, and this is my first cat. I have had dogs all my life and was allergic to cats in my teens. Any advice is helpful, and welcomed. She has a sweet personality and I am sure will be a lap cat when she gets more comfortable.

Isis is the Egyptian Goddess of Magic, and is also associated with the cat goddess, Besitet. She is also the queen goddess... but she will not be goddess of my house. She can just believe whatever she wants, but I was there first... (yes, I know it is pointless to say that with cats...)