October 19th, 2006


the best $2 I have spent

LOLOLOLOl Isis being too cute!! The other day I bought her some cat balls with bells in them, and scattered them in my living room and up here in my bedroom, for her to play with. She will play with them for a while, and then get board but this afternoon she is running around and stlaking them - too funny!

She is batting the between her paws, leaping up, grabbing them, batting them about - we just hit one down the stairs and I could hear the bell as it hit each step - Tinkle, tinkle, tink, tinkle, tink, tink! - and away down the stairs went Isis... LOL then i heard her play with the ball up here. I tied a ribbon on it and was jerking it around, then she was batting it, tacking it, pawing it...

She would hit it under the bed, stalk it from the other side - even doing one of these leaps like a baseball player does and slides into a base. *rolls eyes* She is being very active today. But everyonce and awhile she will paw at the bedspread (which hangs down to the floor on both sides, making an excellent cover for her) and I will say, "Isis! No!" and she will kind of go wide eyed and sit up and go back to her ball.

Now she is contemplating how to get on my window sills... nope, more ball time. Last nigtht she got up on my desk, with my help, and was falling asleep on my keyboard. She didn't mind the music coming out of the big machine she was next to. I think it was the fact she was next to me and was tired.

Ahhh.... cats are fun. Having had dogs all my life it's a big difference how simple things like a ball with a bell and ribbon on it entertains them.

Well I need food. Isis seems to be the only one these days getting food... I fear something wrong (aka me not feeling very well lately) so I need all the food/liquids I can get...
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