November 6th, 2006


shoot me. now

1) There are only 11 stinking days until Burbank. Can't we just fast forward and have it Wednesday next week? Thursday would be too much cause I have a lot to do. Sometime this week I need to do my laundry and take out my luggage. Can't do that all on one day. Plus I have a flight EARLY Friday morning. Congrats to jessm78 for making it safely through a con - and having fun!!! Maybe next con the sisters can get to one togeher?

2) My birthday is in 19 days. Yippeee!!!!! I have no clue what to ask for.

3) AAAAAHHHHHH can life be anymore insane?????? I have a question to ask ya'll. Should I move?
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4) Holy smoke Batman!!! Saturday was CRAZY!!! I was at HAZMAT training since I'm now also a Volunteer Firefighter (why yes, I am slowly killing myself), when we got called out to a house fire. There was a lot of CRAP said about the paid firefighters, sadly which they don't deserve.
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To cap the night off, Angie (one of my potential roomies) and a Sheriff Deputy almost got killed when a girl (who didn't speak English nor had a drivers licence) somehow failed to see them and their flash lights, and the tow truck on the side of the road, and barely stopped. Ah and then we went to Waco and Tammy got her nose peirced.

5) On Sunday I got to talk to ltrottie finally on MSN!! We spent at least a few hours just talking and stuff. Good to talk to you hun!! Even so MSN was being dumb and cutting off our conversations and such. Really, Y!IM and AOL is much better... oh well. Next time, ya?

So how was everyone elses weekend??