November 16th, 2006


Squeeee. Ahhhhhh. Squeeee. Ahhhhhh.

Ok one day until con. One day to get the stack of paper done. One day to pick up my friends camera, make sure I get everything packed, and grab all the tickets, flight info and other odds and ends. One day to catch up on my sleep which will become lacking come tomorrow.

Basically one day until CON!!!!!!!

Last night I went home after work, sat in my livingroom for a moment and then checked last emails for the day and started pulling out clothes from the suitcase to make sure I really wanted to take the ones I packed, pack more jeans, a dress (which the more and more I think about, I may take back out. That would mean I'd have to pack my nice heels... which I don't mind, but common - it's a DRESS!!) Um made sure I had enough room for my toletries, and I guess I should pack my boots and wear my sneakers. I have to have enough room for my extentions so I can help Jessica drive across AZ and CA. Just in case you know.

So after that, I dropped off the small heater Tammy let me borrow, raced back to watch Ghost Hunters - oh my that was awesome!!!! If I had a fear of planes (which I don't obviously) I would have still gone... poor Steve though. I really do feel bad. Ireland is on my list of places to visit. And for them to investigate LEAP CASTLE?? OMG!!!! Wicked! I thought it was funny that Brian was driving the car... and on the "wrong" side of the road and part of the car. Hehehe. I was worried for the passangers more than that Brian was driving... well it was the mere fact Brian was driving the car... anyway. So that investigation was creepy with people being pushed, foot steps... girls voices... too bad that shadow Brian captured was his. But it was awesome to have that Irish guy there... I could have listened to him ALL DAY. Yes I have a THING for accents... mmmmmmmm yummy. I stayed awake for the whole thing. Isis, however didn't she was passed out on my recliner as I ate dinner.

But soon I joined her in la-la land. I fliped over to CSI: Miami, and soon awoke to find it 9:20. So I picked up Isis and we went to bed at 9:30. 9:30!!! I was sacked out. And Isis was tired from all that running too because she just conked out on my bed beside me.

So then fast forward to this morning. I get up, get the clothes out, wonder if it's a pink day or a dark blue day or maybe a green? and Isis comes mowing into the bathroom, ballistic again. I think, oh boy, she's playful already. NO she had caught her collar in her mouth and was trying to get it out. So I try to catch her and hold her still as I unhook the collar, she is flayling and cathing me with her claws, gaging... so I race to my desk and collar be damned, I finally catch her again and snip the collar off. My baby was happy to be just held. So I am siting in my bathroom, crying and saying "mommy's sorry, oh mommy is so so sorry" and just holding my bundle of fur.

*sigh* she seemed fine after that. Got ready for work and have been trying to consentrate... but so far have gotten 3 pics scanned in, some cutlines done, and scratches up my neck, on my hands and the phone to answer ever frakin 10 seconds...

One more day to CON!!! 9 more days to B-Day!!!