November 22nd, 2006



AAAHHAHHAHAHHAHAHA!!!!! *smashes small inadimate objects*

I think I can't go home for thanksgiving and my birthday. I don't have enough crap written for the paper, and since it's all me who writes any of the stories (not to mention takes all the pics) I maybe stuck in this hell hole of a backwater town all weekend. And I know my mom will be like "Oh well we will come down for the weekend then" gee... ya mom, let's just see how well 2-3 people function in the small house and gally kitchen that now has a sink that will not drain properly!!!!!!


*smashes head into desk repeatedly* - I am good. I haven't cried... and usually I would be in all kinds of tears right not... but... but... I havn't talk to mom except drop her an email... so who knows, tears will come I know.

Frackkin newspaper job!!!

dork update

ok i just cut off my Con arm band.... *sniffle* the reminder of my awesome weekend is now sitting on my desk, in it's purple glory, sitting there,.... asking why oh why did it have to come off...

ok back to your life.
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