November 30th, 2006


It's COLD!!!

WEEEE!!!!!!! FINALLY Central Texas has been hit with the Fall/Winter weather I have been waiting for!!!! Man I love the cold. However, I admit, I did not like that I had to get up at 3a.m. to turn on the heater in the living room and the small heater in my bedroom... but at least I saved gas for 2 days... that should count as something.

Isis I think got cold too, since she had me pinned down on my side. Couldn't move easily. Could have been a combo of body heat and the heating blanket... she was in a tiny ball - too cute - when I woke up.

A hot shower never felt so good, until you step out into a cold bathroom... but it was ok beyond that. I can now safely break out my sweaters (which I am already rocking) and my turtlenecks and not worry about being hot sometime during the day. Of course tomorrow it is supposed to be back to the 50s. What's that about? Dang it.

Oh well. I guess I should be used to it - have lived in TX since 1995, and the most amount of snow we got was the one, long, boring year in Amarillo. Snows a lot in the Panhandle, not so much in the Dallas area, maybe one-two days max, and I am thinking here in the Heart O' Texas we get 0 to 0 days of that white, fluffy, cold stuff.

Mmmmm 30s today and upper 20s over night... Ahhhh... boys, break out those sweaters... I may have to find all the Daniel in a Sweater pics I can get and warm myself by 'em...
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