December 4th, 2006


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Well.... it's another MONDAY - aka the dreaded PRESS DAY!! *cue menicing drum beats*

Well all in all it's not bad. We are down to pages 1, 7 and 14. So front, back and records pages. Brenda just said we may even get it done and posted slightly after 5p.m. So that means I hope to get to go home, set the VCR for "Under the Mistletoe" on Lifetime at 8p.m. and hurry to the fire meeting.

At least this weekend was super relaxing. I went on the Tour of Homes here in Marlin on Saturday afternoon, I left the house around 12:30 - it started at 10a.m. but really anytime you wanted to start was up to you. 12 homes built in different eras were on display to tour. It was great to oogle at all the old homes and wish I had the money to buy one. Actually, one of the homes is being renovated and will be put on the market soon. I may get my nosey self involved and ask how much the little 2 bed, I think 2 bath is going for. It looks like it could have been a duplex at one time with a second side door in the dining room.

And here is my quick sketch - really I do better not in a hurry:
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Also got to talk to jessm78 and told her I was glad she was ok in the accident she was involved with. Stupid drivers!!! *hugs* again AU sis!! Glad you ok!!

On Sunday I was a lazy bum. Didn't even go to church!! *slaps own hand* I just doodled on the computer, watched some of my DVDs - I bought some new ones at Movie Gallery for $1 each!!! WOW!! So saw "Welcome to Mooseport" on Sat, and saw "Bewitched" yesterday. Caught "Van Helstin" on the tube, recorded it, then the second "Librarian" was on - think "Indiana Jones, with some magic" and you got it. Then I think I went back upstairs and just vegged some more.

Well, just saw pg 7, and am looking at pg 1, so I think I actually saw 14 in passing, but am not sure... oh Monday is winding down!!! Yeah!!
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