December 5th, 2006


Wreck and fire backs up Hwy 6

Well... got back from a wreck that had a fire involved.

RV vs Jeep: RV down and in flames; Jeep dented, bent and not drivable with deseased passanger. RV people got out; Jeep one was not so lucky. The bad thing was that she had her seatbelt on. She was an older lady, and the way the impact occured, it was fully on her side.

The RV was in flames when I got on scene. I snapped pics, moved closer, watched in awe as the propane tanks popped off. It sort of fed the flames for a bit, but soon the fire fighters were able to move in and take care of it. The Marlin Fire Dept., Volunteer Fire Depart., Falls County SO, Marlin Police, Troopers and me, nick named the "Daily Planet" by Mikie, was out there. The road workers were standing around watching as the RV burned.

Of course the TV crew came (probably stuck in traffic) about the time we were working on the car to get the back popped off, the door popped off... the deseased moved. Oh learned a new thing about CSI'ing - the Troopers pulled the lightbulbs out of the back of the blinker. Apparently they can tell if the light was on at the time of impact. If they were on, blinking, then the fillement is broken, but if it's not broken, then it was not blinking. Now my mind goes to well what about the impact, surely that has to break the filements too. I guess that's for the next wreck.

And don'tchaknow as soon as I get back into the office, they tone out the fire dept again. Well they are still on the scene of the Hwy 6 accident. It's here in town, and I can't leave, even so I am looking on the map where they are, because no one is in the office, and I can't leave if no one is in the office. Not for a fire where I could be on the scene for another 2 hours...

Well, I have to wait for Linda to come back from lunch - which I hope is sometime soon, I'm starving!! - and then this afternoon I have to drive to Lott (20 minutes away) and take a pic of kids getting a grant, then I have to follow them to Chilton (10 minutes away from Marlin) to take a pic of another grant. Busy? Who me? Naaa... just hope no other fires happen... I think I smell like smoke already for today, and I need to do wash sometime soon anyway.