December 19th, 2006



Well.... Let's see. Last week was the week where I was almost gurenteed to be late to something - if not everything. But the important thing is I showed up, right?

Friday I was scrambling to make sure I had typed in all the "Dear Santa Letters" as the kids spelled it (and my goodness, if my spelling skills did not drop a few points) and was just trying to stay on top of my inbox as it over flowed. I had to get all of that done because Brenda was building the second section - a Christmas section. So once that was done, and the pics were all converted, I was clear to drain my inbox. And man, I did not want to be coming in on Sat. to be working, so somehow I plowed through it. It was great.

So Sat. I actually slept in - until 9a.m. Yes, that's sleeping in for me. My body just get's up naturally on the weekends around 7:30 - 8 a.m.. Yes I shudder at the thought too. So anyway I came in for a hour around 10 or so, and managed to get all the pics, all the cutlines, and some part of an article hammered out. I thought it would take longer, but I was more then glad to see it only took that short amount of time.

Went home, baked cookies, managed to ruin a sheet of cookies, ended up really distrought about it, and then baked some other cookies also. I was planning on making a whole bunch, but got tired. They were for the VFD Christmas Party that evening. I think I just relaxed that afternoon.

The Christmas party was great. I don't know what the highlight was: Josh doing a lap dance on Mike, Christine (not me, my deaf friend) putting whipped cream on Quincy's face and being chased by Quincy and whipped creamed back (and Emmie - Christine's daughter - crying her eyes out), or Josh eating dirt (and stones) when he fell outside being chased by Pete. Josh's hands looked bad - and still do, I just saw him - if that dang door was not in his way, he would have been fine. Oh well. He'll live, just have to be careful on EMS runs. Or maybe it was Christine and I pretending to smoke a cigarette and Tammy kept wacking it out of Christine's hand... and us taping it up. Who knows. Yes I had a little to drink, but was one of the sober ones of the night. Sadly it wasn't as wild as the past ones I've heard about...

Sunday ended up going to Waco, missing a car crash, being nearly in a wreck myself, and just lounging around. Yesterday was Monday. Press day. Sooooo long. Didn't get out until 10:30p.m. But I did start a new fic. And continue some other ones I have here at work. What? I couldn't do any Iconing since the photoshop I have here is lame. Had to keep myself busy between the computer crashes, printer misbehaving and computer communication problems.

I hope to get more fic pushed out today, and more articles done since I have a short week. Friday is alread like another Monday - Press Day - since next Monday is Christmas. I did pick up several gifts for Brian (my brother) so that's good. Plus another one for mom, have dad's and may give the other one as a family present... depends. I did order something yesterday online, so I am hoping it comes before I leave on Fri. otherwise I will have to send it up to Brian.

Ok, so that's a fast overview of life since last week.... *whew*

Say It Isn't So! 4/? Pair: Cam/Vala & Sam/Daniel

Title: Say It Isn't So! 4/?
By: Christine/chris4short
Rating: PG-13
Warning: A bit of smut, lightly smattered though. Takes place sometime S10 or beyond.
Summery: Answering the challenge CKO put forth:
1. Cam and Vala being caught in a very compromising position, (i.e. kissing someplace in the open and being caught by someone.)
2. A rumor gets started by the one who saw them and accidentally slips up saying that Cam and Vala had gone to Vegas to get married and that she is currently pregnant with his kid.
3. MUST BE LONG. (I know that's gonna be a challenge... I need something good to read)
4. SMUT would be nice.
5a. Gen. Landry calls them into his office after hearing the rumor
5b. They can either deny it or say that it's not a rumor and that they had been keeping their relationship a secret.
6. Sam/Jack or Sam/Dan as the secondary pairing.
7. Can be multi-chp or single chp
Other: Stargate doesn't belong to me, blah blah blah. If they did you think I would get paid peanuts to write for a weekly newspaper? Try no. If you sue, I hope my clothes fit, cause that's all I got.

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