December 21st, 2006


The secret to sleeping at work....

Hey all! Tired is not really how I begin to discribe what I am - it's one of the componantes of how I currently feel. If that makes sense.

Anywho, wanna go to sleep at work and are not sure how to legitametly tell your boss why your head was sinking lower and lower to the keyboard? Become a Volunteer Firefighter. Then have your fire pager on your night stand, and make sure you get paged out two times in a row (the key to waking up is the shrill peircing sound of the incoming call). The ideal time is 2a.m. - 3a.m.

So ya, got paged out to a diesel fuel spill and a jack-knifed 18-wheeler on the highway. At 3a.m. Of course. So I debated weither or not to go, but heck, we don't have much for the front page yet, so why not. I got to the fire station as another MVF did, so we rode together to the scene.

The truck had cleared the guard rail off the posts on the side of a ditch (good thing it jack-knifed over the bridge and not sooner and rolled down the embankment that's on about a 40grade angle I guess. We (VF) are not HAZMAT trained, only HAZMAT aware, but the city FD was out there and they had some foam and stuff to contain the fuel.

I stayed until close to 7a.m. when me and another guy had to leave to get to work. It was so cold and I kept falling asleep in the rescue truck and trying to stay warm as the wrecker uprighted the trailer and hauled them off the road.

So now, I am very, very hungry (even so I made eggs and toast for breakfast - which I never do) and very, very tired. I have to say, the 3a.m. stuff wrecks hell on my stomach. For a while I was feeling like hell and wondered if I would make it ok... but I think it was me rushing, hungry, just woke up and adrenaline all rolled into one... I do feel better now. :-D
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WEEEE!!!! The results for my first challenge I entered (sg_lyrical) finally came in and I won SECOND PLACE IN THE SGA CATAGORY!!!

here is the winning icon (or 2nd place winner, really): Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

Thanks and hugs to anyone who voted for my silly icon - you all rock!!! Oh and congrats to dine7184 for winning 1st place and to teddibear for winning 3rd place in SG1's Catagory!! You all totally ROCK!
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