December 24th, 2006


Merry Christmas Ya'll!!

Well I am here at my parents and am stealing a moment when noone is on the computer to send a quick update.

The ride home was ok - minus my cat getting out of her carrier twice, and me having to pull over twice to put her back in. I don't think she understands - she may be stubborn, but I am even more so. So we got into Dallas around 10:30 or maybe 11p.m. either way I left the office at 9p.m. and went home to pack the cat up and get outta Dodge, or Marlin, at least. heeh

So this weekend has been nice, sleeping in even so Isis is trying her hardest to keep me awake all night. She is adjusting to the bigger house, to more people... she follows me around when she can. Yesterday she was meowing like there was no tomorrow, at least today she is quieter. I think she is kinda getting used to the new scenery.

So I have my Christmas gifts bought, some need to be sent to, and others need to be checked to make sure they have everything. I was planning in doing a Christmas/Year in Review letter this weekend - even have special paper to print it on - but I highly doubt it will get done, but who knows. My brother announced yesterday that he had invited a co-worker and her mom over for Christmas dinner, which, frankly, pissed me off. Ok, so I know it's Christmas, but geezz it's not like I am here every frakin day... and it's CHRISTMAS for heavens sake!!!! Oh well. I'm sure they are lovely people. And my mom's all like, well you (meaning me) could being anyone over too.... ummm no, mom, I wouldn't just do that without asking (even so i know the answer is yes)because I know that as a FAMILY we don't get to spend time together. Brian has had to work all weekend and i don't think we have had a real meal even as a FAMILY yet. Tonight will be the first.

Ok, kids, I'm starving, so I am going to act like I do when I am at my own home - grab something to eat. Hope you all have a very merry Christmas, and will swap our Christmas present lists on Tuesday, when I am back in the office, k?

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