December 27th, 2006


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From jessm78

My Peculiar Aristocratic Title is:
Countess-Palatine Christine the Herbaceous of Peevish St Victor
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And as Chris4Short:
My Peculiar Aristocratic Title is:
Her Eminence the Very Viscountess Chris4Short the Intransigent of Westessexchestershire
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Hmm does that mean I rule myself?? Or that my internet name rules my RL? Or am I simply thinking to much? (ya, i agree, the third option...)

Jack ass: I am the smart one....

And in other news of the day... um well the day has just kinda started. Finally flipped through last weeks paper and pulled out the articles and pics that hadn't made it into last edition, so now have 13 articles/pics to start off with. Am thinking of doing a bit of research and write an article on the famous people who have passed in 2006. Seeing how James Brown and now President Ford passed away this week alone. I figure it would be a look back/history lesson of sorts. Or so my thinking goes.

I spent a quiet evening at home, unpacking some of my presents. I got:
• From Brian (my brother): A heavy duty flashlight, military style tweezers, foot powder (and I read it - it says for soothing tired feet, not for smelly feet...), MREs (I guess Sam Carter and me have mad cooking skills according to my brother), a light for my keychain, an epic fiction book on Ireland and a small toolkit (which is hard to open, but you know I need to work on my patients obviously)
• From Mom and Dad: books (a Dave Ramsey book on money management, an autobiography about the editor of The New York Times, and some others), cookbook, cookware, a new shirt/sweater, some food items.... oh and a cow ice cream scoop and a cow stuffed animal... to add to my cow collection!!
• Friends and co-workers: I got my signed autographs back from Jessica (I left them at the con), a cookie dough mix (from our bookkeeper), honey and a handpainted Christmas ornament (from my publisher), cards and hugs and well wishes from everyone!

So there ya go. Oh - just recieved a PR re: the police accident we had on Christmas... nice to see they are fessing up to things and hand delivering me PR. I love when we all can get along!!

The Good Doctor; PG-13; Sam/Daniel

Title: The Good Doctor
Characters: Sam/Daniel
Prompt: 11. Red
Word Count: 1602
Rating: PG-13, car accident, hurt/comfort
Summary: After a car accident, Sam finds having a doctor in the family is a really good thing.
Author's Notes: I am a volunteer firefighter and have worked a few wrecks. THERE IS NO DEATH in this fic, but may be difficult to read if you have been in a wreck recently. This story was started in Nov. but was put asside after a few recent fatal wrecks I worked/was on scene for.

My Big Damn Box for the stargatefic100 Community

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