January 4th, 2007


Apple Store - BUSTED!

Goal: Find the Apple Store in Austin.
ETA: About 1.5 hours.

Accomplished: Hating Austin of its lack of signage.
Real TA: 4.5 hours (thankfully round trip)

Learned: Don't bother trying to find the Austin Apple Store. And don't bother even trying to call the store. I tried calling twice, and both times it just kept ringing and ringing. And, yes, I got it from the website.

So why in the world was I going to Austin (btw, it was raining like cats and dogs, and I thought, hey, I really need this software, to hell with it - I will go to AUSTIN!)? So I could get iLife so I could get Garageband. Why? Because Nicole and I are going to do podcasts and the best instructions I have found uses Garageband. So I looked it up on the website. Wrote down the directions (which turnes out to be a joke).

You know what really pissed me off when I finally got home close to 10p.m.? I went back on to Apple.com to check if there was some place on their website that would show me where there are Apple Authorized Dealers in Waco (a 20-30minute trip). I had checked the site BEFORE I left on my intrepid adventure... and I SWEAR I am blind.

WHY? Well because RIGHT NEXT TO THE BOX WHERE YOU CAN CHECK THE APPLE STORE there is a simular box saying "find authorized dealers" - WELL FRACK!!!!!!! I had looked for an authorized Apple dealer before I left, I had called a store that I thought was one, and NEVER found that stupid box.

So the moral of the story: I have found a store here in Waco. I have to call to make sure they have an Apple section, and that they have the software. I could have stayed close to home, most likely already have this software. I could have saved all that time on the road, all that gas.

However, Nicole and then Jess and I had lovely conversations as I drove all around FRACKIN Texas. Oh Jess - my cell died that's why I was suddenly not there. Sorry.

Ok, now I have to get ready for work. Blah. I hope everyone else had a LOVELY evening!
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[FIC] True Confessions of Mop & Glo

True Confessions of Mop & Glo
By Christine, Chris4Short
Summery: A POV from the SGC janitorial closet.
A/N: I fully hold Jess and my active imagination and sudden spare time wholly accountable for this. “This” being the pure, and utter, fluff you are about to read.

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Ok some explaining before you read:
This little ditty is wholly and patialy Jess's (jessm78and my fault. Jess for saying she saw a pic (which i *think* i still have yet to verify sadly) of Daniel hurt (again) and on a respirator... (season 9 pic) and mine because i made a comment "Oh is that what they call sam kissing daniel".... well it evolved, or fell apart, take your pick, from there to a speculating of what goes on in broom closets...