January 9th, 2007


Say It Isn't So! 5/5 Pair: Cam/Vala; Sam/Dan

Title: Say It Isn't So! 5/5
By: Christine/chris4short
Rating: PG-13
Warning: A bit of smut, lightly smattered though. Takes place sometime S10 or beyond.
Summery: Answering the challenge CKO put forth:
1. Cam and Vala being caught in a very compromising position, (i.e. kissing someplace in the open and being caught by someone.)
2. A rumor gets started by the one who saw them and accidentally slips up saying that Cam and Vala had gone to Vegas to get married and that she is currently pregnant with his kid.
3. MUST BE LONG. (I know that's gonna be a challenge... I need something good to read)
4. SMUT would be nice.
5a. Gen. Landry calls them into his office after hearing the rumor
5b. They can either deny it or say that it's not a rumor and that they had been keeping their relationship a secret.
6. Sam/Jack or Sam/Dan as the secondary pairing.
7. Can be multi-chp or single chp
Other: Stargate doesn't belong to me, blah blah blah. If they did you think I would get paid peanuts to write for a weekly newspaper? Try no. If you sue, I hope my clothes fit, cause that's all I got.

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