January 14th, 2007


An Update

Well I finally uploaded a few new avatars... been busy this weekend iconning and keeping snow (fake) out of my hair. The short of it: I went to a wedding last night and the reception was a winter wonderland. So my "friend" - lol! - decided to cover me with snow. I must say, I was disappointed; it wasn't even cold. hehehe... we ended up at a stale-mate, after I tosed a cup full of "snow" on her and her piece of cake... Opps. LOL!

And the iconning... well most were for more challenges, so can't share with ya yet. Sorry. I know you all are just cryin your eyes out over that... BUT here are a few I did do (or the challenges are over)

Collapse )

For dine7184 and her obsession with Collapse )

Feel free to take, comments are absolute love. Since most were used for challenges, please ask if you want to use it for a base...

Ok. I think that covers it. Central Texas is still under a weather watch through most of the week... yuck! It would be nicer if it wasn't freezing rain. I am still hoping for the rain to turn to snow and make my life a bit brighter... after all, I am still picking out fake snow out of my hair....
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