January 26th, 2007


My new toy!

My new PowerBook G4 arrived today!!! AAAAHHHHH!!!! It's so small - it's actually less then 12 inches, and is so bright and shinny... has a few nicks, but that's all good, cause I know I will be scratching it before long. It has a slightly older OS (operating system) on it, but I went ahead and set it up. I can always redo it all when I get the OS upgraded.

I'm going home to Dallas this weekend - Yeah! - and hope to see the exibit entitled "Body Works" - an exibit about the human body. Some of you know that my email addy is 'autopsy girl' and some even know that I was going to go to med school and become a pathologist. Perhaps best for you all, I figured Med school was not for me, and my life should be dedicated to writing. So needless to say, forensics, pathology, and all that facinates me. The exibit is originally from Germany and has been all around the world. I am so excited!!

So I am planning on spending my lunch uploading new software (after I eat.... starving here!!) and exploring what the basics are on the comp... I want to install Word (we have it here at the office) and I'm thinking about upgrading to Photoshop SC2, I heard there is SC3 coming, or a beta version... did a quick look around Adobe, and didn't see one... but figure I can take my time... Have to upgrad the OS first. But this weekend will be fun cause I also hav Sims which I haven't had on my comp for like a year, and now this one has all kinds of memory and speed... I see gaming going on this weekend!!!

Well... I'll take a pic of me on my new toy this weekend... I'm sure you all are dying to see it. And yes, it's a Mac, sorry Emma, and it's smaller then me... but you know me, not by much - heheh!
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