February 1st, 2007


Weee New month!!

Ahhh the start of a new month. So nice!! So much has happened last month... and so much more to come! It's like Christmas!

I dropped off Isis at the vet, will be able to pick her up tomorrow after lunch like 1 or 2. The receptionist said she will jsut be sore for a day or so, and to watch the stair climbing and stuff. Then 2 weeks later I have to bring her back so she can get the stitches taken out. She's getting both spayed AND de-clawed, so that will be a hit to the purse, but will make life easier on both of us in the end.

I spent most of yesterday evening and then part of the night, downloading fonts on to my laptop. I'm up to 231 I think. Not as many as on my desktop, and there a few I couldn't find in my limited search, but have to see if the ones I don't have are ones I really want anyway. :-D I think I will begin to download the new "trial" of PS. Kalle I will so not be contacting you for anything... at all... ;-D

Umm... Icon Challenges have been given extra time. I have done the Hush ones, like the day the challenge came out, but I don't think I uploaded them to the site... ya, a bit slow on the uptake there. Fic wise, I finished another fic, and will be posting it... sometime and some where. I may work on updating my website (how many times have you all heard me say THAT?) and upload it just there... need to give the site some love. (have to find the access address too... hmmmm it helps)...

Let's see.. American Idol last night just made me realize that I have missed 5 seasons of BAD singers. I am still trying to figure out if that's what's kept me sane so long. Caught CSI:NY and boy was it a good powerful one. I missed a good chunk cause I was talking to Andrea, but it was good. The ending isn't so cool, but I think Dine especially can over come it. Fic fixes everything... but am not spoiling it. Nope. Will not do it.

Mom has one more doc to see and then we will know what's the matter with her. I don't know how the rest of the family is doing, haven't talked to them since Tues. so that means I'll be getting a call this evening, I'm sure.

Ok well my tummy is protesting, so I may eat somthing today... Hope it's sunny where you all are at - it's all nice and rainy here! *hugs to all*
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