February 9th, 2007


Highs and Lows, and stuff

Well I have wanted to start doing my highs and lows for the past week on here for a while. When I lived in Dallas a bunch of us girls would get together and do a Bible study and share our highs and lows from the previous week... so here goes:

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And in other news... the movie Infamous will be coming out on Feb. 13. Now normally I would not be so dang giddy about it, but this movie features the courthouse and around our small, humble town of Marlin, TX. Sadly it was filmed way before I came to work at the paper, otherwise I would be all over that. It stars Sandra Bullock (a Texan by way of owning a ranch in Austin) and some other people. The main thing to remember is it features the courthouse of Falls Co. and I think some of the town of Marlin. I did manage to find one of my friends who tracked down one of the owners of one of the local movie rental places (for a small town, we have 2 movie rental places in other words, see? brain no work-y) and pulled some strings and now my friends are sitting in the courthouse watching it... while I am here at work because the pile of work has become, well, a pile. BLAH! So I am going to see if I can't watch it after work.

That was a long paragraph, I apologize.

Soooo.... ya. Just more random stuff about me... ok... ya.

- The End -