March 21st, 2007



Well... I have to go do an interview in about 30mins and I am TOTALLY not in the social mood... well for in person at least. Always up for some online stuff, or email.... but at the moment, don't want to be out THERE *points outside* Of course, i don't want to be at work either, so I suppose that is a problem too.

Well... so ya, yesterday I went to Wally-World (Walmart) to print of 5 or so pics to finish off the Amanda Tapping Appreciation Project Binder part of the... project. In front of me were two other people, cool. So The sales guy asks if he can help, I say, no, I need the photo printer. Couple #1 leaves. I move so I am not standing in the way and see that couple #2 has a bag and I assume full of pics. I think "ok so they will do a few, and I can get this thing DONE"... ya not so much. She turns to me and goes, "You need to use this?" Me: "Yes, I have a few things to do." Her: "Oh well this will take about an hour, we have like over 100 pictures to do. Last time I was here I had to wait an hour to do my pics." I look at her. I grumble. I leave. Frak that. It's not like I could have sent the package yesterday anyhow, BUT, people, pretend to be considerate. If I had over 100+ pics to scan and someone else was standing there, looking like they needed the machine, I would tell them to go ahead of me, I would take longer then them... yadda yadda... but apparently that's JUST ME. So I still have to go back to Wally-World and get the pics done this evening. And delay the sending of the package again.

Hmm that rant felt good. Still bored. Still not wanting to talk to people outside... *uhg*

FIC: Southern Girls; PG-13

Crazy for the Southern Girls -or- Southern Girl Aliens -or- Southern Girls (I liked all the titles)
By: Chris4Short
Pair: Cam/Vala
Rating: PG-13 (a bit of smuttiness implied by Vala... who else?)
Summery: Cam sure does like them Southern Girls... and the alien ones at that!

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