April 10th, 2007



Oh wow! I am amazed people responded!! I still am taking requests, but here are a few that I have done so far!

Denise wanted: My fav aspect of my job. Well, I tried to cram it in one pic, but when you just LOVE all your job (most days, of course) then it's hard... so here is pic 1:

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I have a busy schedule, and things change daily, which is nice for a random person like me and some one who is bored by the same thing day in and day out... I can handle the same thing week in and week out, but daily, not so much. Of course the main thing I love about my job is my writing!!! My paper, the Marlin Democrat, my pad, which is just blank for the moment and my trusty pen, one of a few scattered about. (I have a very messy desk, but I know where things are - hey, I'm a reporter, what do you expect?)

Pic 2:
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The people!!! I love interviewing the people!!! This pic was taken last week at the Hobby Unit (an all female correctional unit here in Marlin) and they were selling chicken legs and sausages to raise money for the Hobby Heroes Team for the upcoming Relay for Life. I love that aspect of my job more somedays then the writing!

Dark3Princess wanted to know: My fave hair product and a bit about my email name and my job.

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I am so freaking low maintenance almost anything makes me happy when it comes to my hair. But at the moment I am loving this new shampoo. It smells so goooood!!! And it works too! LOL

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My email addy is autopsygirl, and I had plans on going to med school and becoming a pathologist, yes my parents thought it odd when I said that in high school too. I decided after I got into my Journalism classes, that really, med school may not be for me, so I have a second minor in Criminal Justice because I love forensics. Sooo... after I accepted this job, I fell in love with a cute condo that just happens to be behind Adams Funeral Home... so I can't get away from death! Also I do the obits, as seen in the pic.

And Kalle wanted to see my PowerBook:

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Ahhhh my beauty!!! I took the pic at work, so all those Macs in the background are at work. But let's look at my pretty for a moment, shall we? Oh and look, a background promoting the Sam and Daniel Love! How odd that would be on my computer!! *wink wink*

heheh more requests?? these are fun! (and sorry for the loooong comments, but you wanted to know about my life, so there ya go. what are just pics gonna tell ya? ya... thought so.)