April 12th, 2007



Ok since I must have over looking this, I am backtracking and posting this (wcf2 - sorry Isis wanted to say hi too *grin*) wallpaper for all to enjoy!!

It's big - hellloooo it's a wallpaper - so here be the linkie: Spread the S/D Love

I used my own pics, but the flowers are from ca_pris and one of her pretty flower icons... inverted to make the blending better (so the thought)...

ENJOY!!! Spread the love around ya'll!!

OH and the second half (I refuse to call it the "last 10 eps") of SG-1 and SGA are going to be starting tomorrow!!!! *jumps up and down* Yes I have been staying as spoil free as I can, and haven't even looked to download the new eps - no no it's not self control, it's the excitement and anticipation of it all to wait. Ok... back to your coffee break. *finishes munching on breakfast*


I heard about this on the radio and had to look for it -- LMAO!!

I can finally hear each word, wow!!

And another one:

And still more!! These are addictive...

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