April 25th, 2007


ICONS, and general update

Yeah! Wednesday!! Hump Day!!! Only 2 and a half days till the weekend!!! WEEEEEE!!!

Well this past weekend was ok. We had our opening night with the play. Good crowd, and everyone did really well. Second night, once more, good crowd, had to feed a few lines, but it was so much fun!!! This next weekend is the last weekend, and my parents are coming down for the last performance - they haven't visited ME since November.

So I guess I shall give you some Icons... since ya, have a few in back log..

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I just found out that I won 3rd place for my News Writing that was contributed to the Rosebud News, our sister paper!!!

YEAH!!!!!!! I have NEVER won ANYTHING for my writing so when I was reading the critique sheet and saw "Rosebud News - 3rd Place" under the News Coverage catagory, I flipped through the tearsheets we sent and saw it was entered with my name on it!!!


Sadly, there was nothing really worth mentioning that we won for the Marlin Democrat. Something about Headline writing, classifieds section and sports coverage. In the newspaper biz these competions and winnings are big deals (not to mention big ego boosts!!)

Maybe I can just write after all.... *g*



Thanks to rotster for telling me that Gabit AT3 has finally announced their dates!!!

SQUEEEEEEE!!! Next May 2-4 will be when I am SOOOO in London and being just another foolish American!!! YEAH!!!

I do confess, I am a bit worried about the price, but then again, it is still a YEAR away, but a lot can happen in a year... but either way... I so need to most likely go ahead and purchuse the tickets ASAP. Will be able to afford the basic package though... And I know my flight could be almost the same or double the price of the ticket... and god only knows where I will stay while I am there cause mom told me I can't just go for the weekend and come back (and ya'll should be so grateful I am typing this cause in my head my mouth is going a millionmilesanhour!!!!!)

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